Reading (Hobbies #4)

Reading is an efficient way to broaden and strengthen your knowledge and capacity of mind. It gives us insight and perspective on how we should perceive certain things. For example, reading the newspaper and magazine gives us information about the society, politics, passions, etc. Another example is books and textbooks gives us learning information for the future to come. Or reading can be a form to pass the time. 

Reading books with any genre gives you a concept on how the world looks like and when you read the lines of each chapter, your mind creates the scene like you are their with the characters. It also gives you the feeling of what the protagonist is experiencing such as suspense, joy, depression, fury and many more. 

Reading is a way to escape the problems of your life and see the way the book wants you to analyze. Read and be aware!

Some of my favorite books are:

The Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan (featuring a young ranger overcoming a war)

Mythology Series by Rick Riordan (featuring some of the Greek Gods as modern people)

All of Sidney Sheldon Books

This is Hobbies with Kalizo. Over and Out!


Writing (Hobbies #2)

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid as well as Architecture. Making stories, making these posts inspire me everyday because it came from experiences, what I observe or any idea that comes to mind. It is way to express youself, be yourself in text. It is also a way to reach out to people who needs help or just needs a way to be happy. Writing can be made into stories, poems, songs, articles and many more. Writing can touch the people’s heart by reviewing the context of society as well as individuality.

Here are some good writers I know today:

Aphmau who writes her roleplays and imagining it on Minecraft: Dreams of Estorra:

Little Fears who makes incredible stories and poems:

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. This is Hobbies with Kalizo. Over and Out.