Chapter 10: Guns Ablazing! (TWD: The Infection)

         Car windows are broken. Glass shards are everywhere. Blood spilling. That is the current situation of the Dawson and Myers family. Daphne woke up with the kids and Reese knocked out. He looked around and she saw walkers passing by and she saw her father getting eaten by walkers. His lifeless eyes made Daphne cry. She saw the gun near Reese, the gun of his father. She tried to grab it, almost an inch. Reese woke up and grabs her hand and bites her resulting for Daphne to scream loudly from the pain, attracting walkers who were passing by.
Kyle woke up, seeing walking trying to punch the car windows and her mom in pain. He tried to crawl for the gun but he was so much in pain but he thought “This is for mom, I need to save her.”

He grabbed the gun but his mother stabbed Reese in the head with a glass shard. Kyle starts shooting to the outside of the car. Hitting their heads left and right. Daphne also help and stabbed walkers who are near them with the glass shard. Jordan and Aiden woke up and were crying and hugging each other.

“Jordan! Aiden! Stay away from the windows. Crawl to the center!” Kyle ordered them. They followed Kyle’s advice. Daphne was still in her seatbelt. She was stuck and couldn’t break free. She was getting tired swinging left and right. Now, Kyle was out of ammo. Kyle looked at her mom. She was exhausted, his cousins was terrified just like what happened to the inn. Kyle held his mother’s hand and also his cousin’s hands. They closed their eyes and know that this is it. Until bullets started flying around them and killing every walker in sight.

“Hello! Is anybody in there?” A woman asked.

“Yes, please help us!” Daphne exclaimed.

A woman in darker skin came up to us. She held out her hand and took Jordan and Aiden out of the car. Kyle was next. He noticed that they were police officers. They were five of them. Two were hanging from their police cars so that they could get away fast. Three of them are trying to help us including the female police officer.

“What about my mom? She needs help.” Kyle snarked.

“Impatient aren’t ya. Don’t worry, Officer Smith is trying to help her. I’m Officer Jones and you boys are?”

“Sorry. I’m Kyle, this is Jordan and Aiden. That is my mom, Daphne.”

Officer Smith managed to get Daphne out and bandaged her wound. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am feeling better now”

“Mom!” Kyle hugged his mom followed by his cousins.

“Well isn’t this a sweet display. Howdy folks.” An older man approached them with a big smile on his face. He has different uniforms than the other police officers.

“I’m Chief Rex Santos.” He held his hand out to Kyle and Kyle shook it. “What a firm grip you have there, son.” Kyle noticed he has an accent, that Tennessee accent.

“Thanks” Kyle hesitant to trust them.

“Well, we will be taking you to the department to rest and stay there for a while, if you choose to.”

“Alright, thank you officers and Chief Santos” Daphne grateful for the kindness of the officers.

They all got in their cars. The Chief got in the first car with the unnamed police officers. And Kyle and his family got in to the second car with Officer Jones and Officer Smith.

“Officer, you know my father was also a police officer.” Aiden remembered.

“Really? Where is she now baby?” Officer Jones asked.

“Dead. He died from the crash.” 

Officer Jones and Smith was shocked from the response and just smiled back to Aiden. Daphne and the kids were asleep because of exhaustion. Kyle was looking at the window and seeing the forests disappear into walls and fences. They were at the police department. It was huge and protected with massive walls. There were also prisoners lurking and working their asses off for the fortification of the wall. Kyle was amazed.

“Come on out” Officer Smith suggested.

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Chapter 9: Her Sorrows (TWD: The Infection)

       They were travelling to a road that leads to the unknown. They both don’t know where they are going. KC was silent. She thought that yesterday was a happy and go lucky day. Her mom is alive and always busy. But now, it is all dead and also her mother. Her dreams crushed in one single day. She has no more to look forward to. She has no longer to live for. She started to tear up.
“Hey, are you okay?” Jeremiah was concerned. She has been through enough and even he has. KC didn’t respond. He was annoyed because he can’t stand the silence anymore, it has been a day since all of it went down.

“KC! Will you snap out of it?! This is not helping! We don’t even know where we are headed!!”

“WELL THEN DROP ME OFF HERE! I HAVE NOTHING! YOU SAVED ME! YOU COULD’VE LEFT ME THERE!” KC shouted and burst into tears. KC grabbed the wheel and turned it to the side of the road so that the car would stop. Jeremiah stepped on the break and KC got out of the car and ran. Jeremiah chased her and tried to find her. He saw her kneeling and crying not too far from the roadside. He sat beside her and put his arms around trying to comfort her. 

“Jeremiah, it is all my fault. I should’ve been the one who got eaten. Melissa wanted to be left behind but I insisted but she set her mind. And now she is in pieces at the university.”

“It is not your fault. THIS is not your fault. None of it is your fault. The world turned to shit in one day and you can’t blame yourself for that. Melissa made her choice and she knew the consequences. Just be grateful that you survived.”

KC wasn’t convinced but she showed a sly smile. “I’m going to miss her and also my mom. Aren’t you going to miss her?”

“Yeah even though she has an annoying and loud voice”

KC elbowed him and Jeremiah chuckled. “I’m kidding. I will miss her.” Jeremiah noticed the rustling bushes. “We better get out of here. I think something is coming”

They both walked back to the car and drove off. They continued on the road and KC back at staring at the window but Jeremiah held her hand and smiled at her. KC smiled back.

They stumbled upon a gas station with a small store beside it. They got out of the car, parking their car near the gas filler. Jeremiah tries to fill the car with gas until a woman put a gun on his face.

“Let go of the gas filler”

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This is story is inspired by The Walking Dead TV Show and Comics. This is The Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out!

The Walking Dead (Show Review #3)

The Walking Dead, from the comics to the main series to the other side series. It is awesome and well-written, the comcept of the story of how people would cope in a zombie apocalypse, how’d they react and fight the dead and the living. It is just mesmerizing. Even the effects like blood and gore and flesh, it is on point. Robert Kirkman is a true genius in his creation, it is a masterpiece. I am definitely a fan of The Walking Dead!

Even though, the comics and series are going in different paths, the flow of the story is still the same, both unique and still great. My favorite character right now is Carol from the TV Series because of how she evolved into a fragile woman into a badass scary woman unlike the comics which she committed suicide several times, it depicts on how strong she was in this series. I am a fan of her!

How would you cope in a zombie apocalypse?

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Cafeteria Madness (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 7)

KC tearing up, Melissa tries to comfort her and asking what is wrong. “My mother, she is dead.”

As Melissa was about to say something, the window broke beside them. KC tries to see what disrupted the surrounding. It was like in the news, the walking corpses, pale, missing body parts, blood coming from everywhere. The things started eating students. Blood splattered everywhere, screams replaced silence. People started running towards the door. KC stood there, thinking about her dead mother, that is all in her mind right now.

“KC, KC!!! COME ON” Melissa tries to shake KC off because the things are starting to go to them. KC gathered her thoughts and they started to go towards the cafeteria door. Things are starting to gain on them. They got through the door but it was worse than the cafeteria. Students and teachers’ screams can be heard all over the buildings because of the fear and pain that they are going through.

“This way” Jeremiah initiated.

They dodged the screaming students and walkers. Jeremiah got grabbed but he pushed the walker away from him. He got backed up and got separated with KC and Melissa.

“Jeremiah!! NO!!” KC exclaimed.

“I’ll meet you outside, Don’t worry!!” Jeremiah ran to the opposite side of the building. Melissa pulled KC.

“Come on, KC. We need to get out of here.”

“But Jeremiah”

“He will be fine! Now come on!!”

They ran to the exit but there was a problem that is where the walkers are coming from. Too many and it was consuming the school. They went the other way, getting to the other exit. But every corner, there is a walker. They continued running to the bloody hallway. But something unimaginable happened. Melissa got grabbed by a kid who was already infected. The kid has white eyes and has blood gushing from his neck where he got bitten. The kid now bit Melissa on the arm.

KC saw her in pain, screaming and screaming. She didn’t know what to do, her brain is scrambled but she quickly gathered her thoughts and saw and grabbed the fire extinguisher. KC hesitated at first but she bashed the fire extinguisher on the head of the kid several times until the head is not a head anymore but a flat surface.

“Thank you KC.” Melissa covering the wound as she was still tearing up from the pain. They didn’t notice that they were already surrounded. They were closing in on them like a wall trap from Indiana Jones.

“What are we going to do now?” KC confused and terrified.

“THERE!” Melissa pointed at the comfort room.

They quickly got in and locked the door for the walkers won’t have access. Melissa panics and cries because of their current situation, she still holding her arm with the pain she is going through. KC also panicking, thinks of a way for them to get out of there alive and in one piece. Then she sees the high window of the bathroom.

“There! Melissa, the high window”

“I’ll boost you up”

“No, you are hurt, you should go first.”

“You know, I am already bitten and I’ll slowly turn like them, so please.”

KC nodded and she followed the advice of Melissa. As she put her arms through the window, something grabbed her. KC screamed and struggled to let go of the hand. But it was just Jeremiah helping them.

` “Hey.” Jeremiah covered in blood, he tries to pull KC up. It was almost going to plan until the door was broken by the infected students and teachers. KC got through but Melissa didn’t. She was devoured, every part of her body was torn apart. She screamed and screamed until she didn’t anymore because blood was filling their lungs. KC terrified and shocked. She couldn’t move.

“KC, let’s go, they are coming”

KC wiped her tears. “I’m sorry Mel”

They ran through the field of the university while walkers chase them and they climbed the fence that was protecting the field from outsiders. Guess that didn’t help. They found a car. Jeremiah elbowed the window and to open the door. He hotwired the car.

“KC get in, we need to get out of here.”

KC thought “The day was going great. First day of my dreams coming true. And it is now nothing. I am nothing.” She got in and closed the broken windowed door. They drove away from the university to a long road.

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The Pitstop (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 6)

       The family arrived at an inn. They stopped there to rest for a bit. It was a small inn where people usually go when they go to Wyoming. The family went inside and a familiar voice to Jack was heard.

“Jack, long time no see! What brings you to “The Flow”?” the man exclaimed.

“Ahh, Robby! How’s the wife and kids?” Jack asked.

They both patted each other at the back. Jack walked towards to his family and introduced Robby to them.

“Kids, this is Robert Williams. My old friend back when I was an army general.”

“This guy actually saved my life, pulling me from a burning building.” he replied happily.

“Now, he owns and manages this inn.”

Robert chuckled. “You kids hungry?”

Aiden and Jordan exclaimed happily. Kyle nodded slightly. Robert asked them to sit at the dining area which the servers will give them food and it was on the house.

As they sat there, seeing their food being delivered and assembled at their table. The adults talked about their jobs. While the kids watch TV.

“So Reese, how is the department going?” Jack asked.

“Going good Jack, the crime has gone down lately because of the faux virus, they keep talking about.” Reese discussed.

“I hear that is true. Most of my fellow secretaries had talked about that and they say it could go down.” Amber intervened.

“Yeah, the firm is buzzing with that news. I thought to myself it might be some joke that people spread.” Daphne didn’t believe in them.

“By the way, Daphne, what is the status of your recent project?” Amber asked.

“Well, the building is almost done but the architect who was working with us. Suddenly went AWOL. So it could take longer than anticipated.”

As they continue talking, Kyle, Aiden and Jordan watched a movie on the common TV that are displayed in every corner of the dining area. Halfway through the movie, it got cut off with a news flash. The people in the dining room stopped and watched it. It was a reporter and her cameraman that is in the scene. Blood was everywhere and before they knew it, the reporter and the cameraman died with blood flowing on the lens of the camera. 

The family looked at each other and looking horrified like they seen a ghost. After that horrifying news, screaming from the kitchen started to ring in their ears. Chefs running to the dining area. People scared but sat at their seats until a guy bites the neck of a chef that was running and blood gushes to the floor. And that is when people started to panic and began to stampede all over the inn. The family got separated. Aiden, Jack and Kyle were separated with the others.

“Mom? MOM!!!” Aiden screams for her mother while crying because of the situation.

“It is going to be okay son. Stay calm” Jack tries to calm Aiden down. As they looked for them, people are starting to get eaten left and right. Gunshots are now heard all around the inn. Robert was one of them along with his crew or bodyguards. Jack and the kids went to him. As Jack also had his gun on him, starts shooting as well.

“What the hell is going on Robby?” Jack shouted.

“The virus, it’s true. I couldn’t believe it at first but it is true.” he stopped Jack from shooting.

“What are you doing?”

“You and the kids should go, we will hold them off”

Jack was hesitant at first but he saw Robert was serious and said to him. “Goodbye, old friend”

“Goodbye”, As they left, Robert realized that there was no hope left, most of his men got eaten. He decided to shot himself to die a quick death.

Jack and the kids ran through the crowd, not knowing anymore if they are alive or dead or undead. Jack was running first beside him is Kyle. Aiden was falling back and tripped on an arm of a walker which grabbed him by the leg. Aiden started kicking and crying.

“HELP!! MOM!! GRANDPA!!” Aiden cried.

Kyle rose into action and grabbed the pistol from his grandfather and shot the walker on the head, splattering blood on Aiden’s face. Kyle started shooting everywhere as he went back to save Aiden. Jack grabbed a chair and waving it to the walkers for him to catch up. They got surrounded, they try to fend them off but there was too many. As they are losing hope, bullets started to go over their head. It was Daphne and Reese. They started to run to the exit. They went to the van where Amber and Jordan are waiting. Aiden went straight to his mother and hugged her.

“Aiden, are you okay? You are covered in blood.” Amber wiped off the tears and blood that he is covered in.

“We need to get out of here” Kyle initiated.

They started the van and left the inn. The family is horrified on what happened. Aiden and Jordan were sleeping like nothing happened. Even Amber and Daphne was exhausted and rested. Jack was looking at the window, thinking deeply. Kyle noticed and broke the silence.

“Grandpa, I am sorry for your loss, we could’ve saved him but he chose to stay.”

“Kyle, thank you. He chose for the greater good and always put others first and help them even the cost of your life. You should learn from that. Like what you did saving Aiden.”

“I will.”

“I admire your shooting today too.”

“Well I’ve done it in the past, I can do it again without hesitation.” Kyle had a cold expression on his face.

Reese and Jack looked at each other and knowing the situation of the teenager. Later, Jack switched with Reese and let Reese rest. Kyle was still thinking of the recent happenings and reflected on that. As he does, he fell asleep.

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The Family (TWD: The Infection- Chapter 4)

The alarmed went off and Kyle woke up in a daze. From what he dreamed, he didn’t get much sleep. He stood and stretched his arms and legs.

“Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.” he grumpily answered.

He went into the shower and he thought “another family trip”. He got out and wore a shirt and pants and to top it all, his beanie. He picked up his bag and went down to greet his relatives.

“Hi Kyle. Nice of you to join us.” his aunt said.

Kyle gave her a smile. He inspected them and all of them are there. Starting with his grandfather named Jack who had two daughters. One of them was Kyle’s mother and the other is his aunt named Amber. Amber was married to Reese who had two boys, Jordan and Aiden. Kyle went to his cousins but they are busy playing their game consoles so he just sat there on the couch, listening to some music.

“Hey, Kyle. Help me with these will you?” his uncle asked.

He went over to his uncle and helped carry some of the bags and loaded them into the van. As soon as all the bags were loaded for their trip, they all got in the van. Reese is driving and on the other side is Jack. Daphne and Amber are seated at the middle part of the van. Lastly, the kids are at the back. As soon as Reese started the engine, Jack started complaining.

“Why am I not allowed to drive? Is it because I’m too old?” Jack exclaimed. 

“Dad, let him drive. You need your rest. Remember what the doctor said. No physical activities.” Amber argued.

Jack wasn’t satisfied with her argument but he calmed down and let Reese drive the van. They drove for hours, most of them are asleep and tired. Aiden and Jordan fell asleep because of all their playing. Jack was snoring loud, mouth open. Kyle was watching the cars and trees go passing by.

“Honey, are you okay? You’re staring at the road for hours.” Daphne asked.

“Yeah I’m fine Mom. How much further is Wyoming?” Kyle said.

“Couple of more hours and 2 more pit stops then that’s smooth sailing or should I say, driving.” he chuckled. Kyle sighed because of the joke that his uncle made. 

In a matter of hours they have arrived at their first pit stop which is a small diner in Tennesee. They all got out of the car and made their way to the diner so that they can have lunch. They took a seat.

“Howdy folks, may I take your order?” the waitress with red hair asked.

“We would like to know the specials.” Jack answered.

“Oh, we have steaks, chicken pot pies, caesar salads and peking duck!” she said.

“Chicken pot pie for me” Aiden smiled. Jordan also raised his hand saying that he wants chicken pot pie too.

 Reese, Jack and Kyle ordered the steak and the ladies ordered the peking duck and caesar salad. As the waitress wrote their order, Jack winked at her and the waitress smiled at her. Her daughters gave him a glare. He just chuckled. In a couple of minutes, the waitress brought their food and they have an amazing meal. Every bit of it was in their stomach. After that they paid, they got back to the van and drove.

While they were driving, Kyle was looking out the window and he saw a guy walking slowly in the fields. He was walking funny, it looks like he has a limp. He has a grayish skin tone even though he looks like he was in his thirties. Then the guy looked at Kyle, and by Kyle’s surprise, he has no jaw and his eyes were white. He was also bleeding through his jawless mouth. His shirt was ripped as well as his pants. Kyle thought he was dreaming for a second, then Kyle blinked and he was gone leaving Kyle confused and scared.

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Trip to Unfamiliarity (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 3)

​The bus stopped and KC immediately woke up. She saw it, the amazing university that she’s been waiting for. The dream had come true. She got off the bus with her knapsack on her back. She stepped in the gate and she felt amazed and relieved at the same time. But one thing that troubles her. 

“What am I going to do now?” she thought to herself. She walked until she passed a fountain then she passed the canteen. Until she saw a sign that says “Freshmen”. She immediately ran towards the sign.

“Woah there, Girl. Why in a hurry?” the woman asked with a big smile on her face.

KC is not sure what to say but. “Where am I going? I’m a freshman here in Yale.” 

“Oh, Hello. Let me see your acceptance letter and I’ll direct you to where you shall go.” 

KC gave her the letter and the woman pointed to the Library. “You should go there. All of the Med Students go there and I think that is also for dormitory applications.”

“Thank you Miss” she ran while carrying her bags.

She opened the door to the library and it was huge. She thought that probably when she has the time, she will always be here. She went to the registration for Medical students.  

“Course, Miss Shields?” the teller asked.

“Psychology Ma’am” KC proudly answered. The teller has registered her and he gave KC her temporary ID. She held it tightly while she went over to the dormitory applications. She giggled and couldn’t keep her excitement.

“Single room, please.” KC said.

“Oh, Ms. Shields. There are no more single room dorms in our campus. Only three rooms are available. So probably, you’ll have roommates.” the lady explained.

KC had no choice. She needed a place to stay so she nodded. She got her keys and got out of the library. As she walked, she thought if it is a good idea to have roommates. She was a quiet person and like things to keep it to herself but on the other hand, they are maybe her first friends. She walked and walked until she finally made it to her dorm. She inserted her key and took a deep breathe. She opened the door and…

“HI THERE!” a blonde girl greeted her. She was scary but nice scary.

“Uhh Hello. My name is KC.” 


“Mel, you are too loud.” a guy emerged from a room. “Hi, I’m Jeremiah” 

“Hi, I’m KC” she shook his hand. 

He chuckled. “That’s too formal dude. Geez with these social norms.” He went into his room and continued unpacking his stuff.

“What’s his problem?”

“Oh, that’s just Jeremiah. Come on, let me show you your room.” Melissa excitedly said. She ran to my room while KC was left in the common room carrying her bags.

“Thanks Mel but I can take it from here.”

“Alright. Just shout if you need anything.” she closed the door.

She unpacked her things in a specific order like she had it all planned out. She was particularly a freak in organizing things. One of her quirks. She didn’t notice that it was already night time and she got out of her room and poured a glass of water.

“Hey, you’re still up?” a voice out of nowhere.

“Oh, hey Jeremiah. Just having a glass of water. You?” KC asked.

“Can’t sleep.” he went towards the window and sat there. He chuckled.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Didn’t think I was going to college because I was dumb with most of things but I’m here.” He reminisced.

“I was thinking the same thing.” They looked at their window which of Yale, on how magnificent the place is.

“Alright. I’ll leave you be. Goodnight. First day is tomorrow.” 

“Yeah I know. Goodnight.” he got up and went to his room as did KC. 

She went to bed but cannot sleep. She thought of what might happen tomorrow. She tossed and turned until she fell asleep.

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