Singing (Hobbies #3)

Singing is like reading the words out loud with melody or saying a poem with tune but singing is more than that. It is a way to the people’s heart depending on the genre of music. It is writing lyrics to for everyone with a specific purpose which is to let us feel and be aware of something.

There is a quote that says, our favorite song is our favorite song because we think of an emotional event to go along with it or we can relate to that feeling, to that moment. Singing is always coupled with writing. Lyrics and melodies combined make songs harmonized.

Who are your favorite singers?

Mine are, whom I love to hear everyday:

Maroon V (Adam Levine):

Edwin Mccain:

Boyce Avenue (Alejandro Manzano):

And many more. There are plenty of great song artists out there. I’m an oldies fan. Some of the great hits in our past generations. 

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Interior Design (Arki #5)

Interior Designing is one of the specialties you can go into when you are studying Architecture. It also has a separate program because it is also one of the top careers in art. 

Interior Designing is a science and an art in organizing, designing and conceptializing on jow the inside of a structure would look like. It can be modern, rustic, gothic, rococo etc. It is also about designing the three parts of the room; the ceiling, the walls and the floor, all in unison with a concept. The ceiling can be played with in terms of design, lighting, depressions and other aspects while walls has plenty of components such as the doors, windows, the finishes that will be placed in each room and just like the walls and ceilings, the floor has elevated areas and architectural finishes. But it doesn’t stop there, their are furnitures that we can factor in. What kind to get and would it look good with the room components? There are plenty of things that Interior Design has to offer and as architectural students, learn from it.

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Frenemies (Advice #14)

We all have that one person who you hate but can’t live without. You hate them but you love them all the same. They are called Frenemies or Friends-Enemies. 

They might tease you, annoy you or downright bully you but sometimes they are nice and would be there for you. I have this friend who annoyed me and I did the same to him, we both annoyed each other. But when I was down, he was there for me. He comforted me. But after that, we had our fights and our friendships. The frenemy that I didn’t need but I wanted.

You will meet some this kind of friend at a point in your life, you just have to adjust the settings in your life.

Tell me your Frenemy Story in the comments below.

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Panda Ant (Peculiar Animals #1)

Panda ants are not necessarily ants but wasps which belongs to the Multillidae family also called velvet ants. There are over 3000 species of wasps in this family. They are called panda ants because of their colors. Females are usually wingless but has more fur in their body. 

Do not underestimate this small adorable creature because their sting can knockout even animals that are larger than them hence giving them the title “cow killer”. They also have a tough exoskeleton that helps them invade  their prey’s nests and also helps to retain moisture in their body.

They were first discovered in 1938 at Central Chile. Their habitat are mostly found in sand and gravel areas, dry tropics or deserts.

Panda ants also have an extreme sexual dimorphism where males have larger bodies than females. In mating, males carries the females.

They depend on nectar as their main source of food. Males are more nocturnal and females are active in the day.

Steer clear towards this insects that they might have sting that might knock you out.

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The Big Bang Theory (Show Review #4)

The Big Bang Theory is a comedic series about nerds who gives us a perspective on how scientists and gamers can be. This is one of my favorite shows. The humor in this is both sarcastic and scientific. 

All of their acting skills are spot-on even the neuroscientist, Amy Farrah Fowler portrayed by Mayim Bialik is a real neuroscientist. Both beautiful and smart that is awesome. Another character is Sheldon Cooper portrayed by Jim Parsons. His comedic portrayal of the character is amazing and hilarious! The humor is both serious and sarcastic. Those facial expressions always makes me crack up. I bow down to you Sir Jim Parsons.

 They even have guests stars from shows like Star Trek etc and even real scientists and engineers. One of which was Will Wheaton who played a role in Star Trek. Another one is Bill Nye the Science Guy and Professor Proton and many more! Even though, it is for comedy, you can learn something in this show. Learning and fun.

This show has the biggest budget for an episode which is $1,000,000 for each actor and actress. Wow! At least, they make us laugh.

What do you think of Big Bang Theory? Let me know in the comments!

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Pokemon Stars (Games #3)

Pokemon Stars is rumored to be a sequel to the Pokemon Sun and Moon game which has New Pokemon and New Alolan Forms and to be played on Nintendo Switch. There will be a new plot and maybe a twist of Lilly coming back from Kanto etc etc. It is rumored to be released on late 2017. Are you hyped?? Because I am!!

Pokemon fans such as myself will be buying the game as well as the Nintendo Switch 😀

What do you think of Pokemon Stars?

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Writing (Hobbies #2)

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a kid as well as Architecture. Making stories, making these posts inspire me everyday because it came from experiences, what I observe or any idea that comes to mind. It is way to express youself, be yourself in text. It is also a way to reach out to people who needs help or just needs a way to be happy. Writing can be made into stories, poems, songs, articles and many more. Writing can touch the people’s heart by reviewing the context of society as well as individuality.

Here are some good writers I know today:

Aphmau who writes her roleplays and imagining it on Minecraft: Dreams of Estorra:

Little Fears who makes incredible stories and poems:

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. This is Hobbies with Kalizo. Over and Out.