Pokemon Sun and Moon (Games #6)

Pokemon Sun and Moon is another Pokemon game made by Nintendo. This game has exceeded my expectations with its story and the design of the new catchable Pokemon. There are also new concepts introduced like Ultra Beasts, Alolan Pokemon, Z Moves, The Rotom Pokedex, New kind of Battling Style, Social Media and many more. The characters has their own quirky personalities that I love. With that release, they also created a kind of sequel to the Sun and Moon franchise, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Although, I was kind of disappointed with a few Pokemon was added but the storyline is kind of different which makes me want to play it again.

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Advice #16: Masochist vs. Sadist

A masochist is when a person loves to inflict unto herself/himself while a sadist is a person who loves inflicting pain unto others. It is mostly a psychological thing in how you perceive them. It can be sexual or it can be how they see themselves.

Some can switch from being a masochist to a sadist or a sadist into a masochist which is sadomasochism, in which they enjoy pain inflicted on them and others.

How do you deal with them? You accept them and give them what they want in order to avoid disturbances/annoyances but some people tend to go over the top and leading people severely hurt, that is when you need to stop.

Are you a masochist or a sadist?

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Black Ghost Knifefish (Peculiar Animals #2)

Black Ghost Knifefish or Black Ghosts are found in the rivers of the Amazon where it can catch it prey through the sandy gravel of the its rivers and also migrates through the flooded forests during wet seasons. Although they have poor vision, they use an organ that produces electric fields that surrounds them in order to detect objects and movements around them, like sonar but much cooler.

This magnificent creature can grow up to 20 inches with a lifespan of 15 years. The electric field organ is located in their moving fin under its body. This is also used to track prey. Their diet is usually larvaes, insects, worms and small fish.

They are also scaleless meaning that the fish are more prone to diseases especially in the wild  where they most likely to carry parasites.

Trivia: As an owner: If you have a strong bond with this fish, they can eat the food right put of your hand.

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The Walking Dead Telltale Games (Games #4)

Telltale Games has plenty of game interactive stories that is waiting to played by our hands. All of their games are decision-based games where your choices can greatly affect the storyline of the game. Such franchises are The Wolf Among Us, Batman, Tales of Borderlands and many more. But my favorite is The Walking Dead.

It is now in its third season. It has come along way. From playing the loyal and caring Lee to the badass and cool Clementine to the family-oriented and honest Javier. These three seasons are all exciting because it gives a different storyline from the Comic Series but you can see some characters in the game that are in the comics. Honestly, from playing the game, I can see that your choices can either get someone killed, save someone or have bad blood with them. Of course, not spoiling anything. You should play the game or at least watch Youtubers play. I suggest Ihascupquake’s channel. She delivered great commentary.

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Landscaping (Arki #4)

Nature, such a beautiful scenery everytime you walk by it. It gives the world a more natural beauty side rather than an urban side to it. Architecture is bringing that aspect of nature through landscaping and green architecture. With nature, we can come up with different innovations to it as well as some sustainable ones.

Create buildings in which it won’t affect nature itself but be one with nature so that it can decrease the sudden pollution disaster in urbanized districts.

What do you think?

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Road of Damnation (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 8)

      The family is still on the road. They were all quiet, traumatized of what happened back at the inn. They couldn’t believe it. Kyle was looking at the window and saw another guy walking through the fields. Now, he knows what it is. Daphne broke the silence.
“So what now, Dad? Where are we going?”

“We are still going to Wyoming. There is an evacuation center there.”

“WHAT!? We should go home Dad! Back to our jobs and let things blow over.” Amber intervened.

“You think things will blow over. NO! This the best decision, I know a guy there, he owes me.”



The car was put at a stop because there was a man standing in their way. He was standing in one spot and swaying like a branch. Reese was honking the car and telling him to get out of the way. The man turned around and his face, half of his face is gone. His gray skin tone, white eyes and only his top teeth that are left, no mouth, no chin. He started to climb the front part of the van. Reese couldn’t move. Walkers started to come out from every direction. The jawless guy from before caught up to them and was trying to break the window from Aiden’s side. 

“They are here again!! Mom MOM!!!!” The guy broke the window and trying to grab Aiden. Amber took action and went outside and pulled the guy from the window successfully but failed when she got devoured by incoming walkers. Aiden and Jordan cried for their mother is gone.

“REESE DRIVE!!” Jack shouted at him. Reese thought that she will be leaving his wife’s body. As he was frozen, Jack stepped on the pedal resulting for the man’s body to be shot through the window onto his face. Reese was driving while looking at Jack’s face getting eaten by the man. His guts were getting twisted and blood flowed all over the car’s floor. Everyone was screaming. Reese was struggling to keep his attention on the road and he hit a walker. The van flipped over several times. Leaving their status unknown.

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The Warning (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 5)

     Today is the day. KC’s first day in Yale University. She was so excited that she woke up with a smile on her face. She readied her things and put on her uniform. She saw Jeremiah and Melissa that were also ready for their first day. They all got out of their dorm and walked to the classrooms. 

“Bye guys, See you later” Mel said.

Mel ran to her classroom and left KC and Jeremiah alone. KC is wondering why hasn’t he going yet. Her classroom is the farthest among the three of them. 

“Hey, isn’t that your classroom?” KC asked.

“Trying to get rid of me so soon?”

KC was so surprised from his answer slash question. “U-Uhh, No. You might be late to your class.”

“There are still a few minutes till the bell rings. I can walk you to your classroom” he winked and smiled.

KC raised her eyebrow at him. “Okay. Don’t blame me if you’re late.” she smiled back at him.

“I won’t” 

They continued walking until KC was in the classroom. 

“Well, see you at lunch.” Jeremiah ran to the opposite hall, not looking back.

“That was weird” KC went into the classroom, smiling widely. She didn’t know how to explain what she was feeling, it was strange to her. 

During classes, all she thinks was him. Then the bell rang meaning that it was lunch time. She spent the first and second period of classes, thinking and thinking. She opened the door and walked all the way to the cafeteria. She opened the door and there was a hand waving.

“OVER HERE! KC!” Mel shouted.

“Oh God.” She immediately walked over to them.

“Why are you screaming so loud? It’s deafening.” Jeremiah complained.

Jeremiah looked at KC as she sits. “Hi.” he smiled.

“Hi.” she smiled back.

“DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO YOU GUYS?” Mel shouted looking at both of them. Jeremiah laughed. Jeremiah looking at the TV conveniently angled to him. 

“Oh.” he looked worried.

“What’s wrong?” KC asked.


KC and Melissa turned around, looking at the TV. The news was on, the reporter was talking.

“Here we are at the hospital where it all started. The virus that made people crazy. The virus that made people turn into those things.” While she was talking, the army showed up. She went over to a soldier to interview him. 

“Excuse me Ma’am, it’s dangerous here.” he pushed her and began firing towards the hospital.

“Oh my god, Bob look out” the reporter looked at the cameraman. He turned around there was a thing jumped in front of him, dropping his camera. Then, blood splattered to the camera and the reporter keeps screaming and screaming, the soldier grabbed her but the soldier was biting her at the neck. The camera shattered then blacked out.

KC, Mel, Jeremiah and other schoolmates that watched the video.  They look worried, scared.

“Maybe it’s not true.” Mel said. First time she didn’t shouted.

“Well. I don’t know what to say.” Jeremiah horrified at what he saw.

KC stood up and took her phone, dialing a number. “Hello, hello?” a woman’s voice answered, sounding very worried.

“Mom, are you okay? Where are you?” KC asked.

“I’m at home! KC don’t go home! They are coming! There are too many of them!”

“Mom! MOM! Please get out of there! The news! I’ve. . .” Before she finished, she was interrupted.

“I can’t. It’s too late.” KC hears her mom crying. “Be safe baby. I love you.” 

“Mom?” she hears screaming and growling. They got to her. 

KC drops her phone. Tears flooding from her eyes.

This is The Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out.