The Big Bang Theory (Show Review #4)

The Big Bang Theory is a comedic series about nerds who gives us a perspective on how scientists and gamers can be. This is one of my favorite shows. The humor in this is both sarcastic and scientific. 

All of their acting skills are spot-on even the neuroscientist, Amy Farrah Fowler portrayed by Mayim Bialik is a real neuroscientist. Both beautiful and smart that is awesome. Another character is Sheldon Cooper portrayed by Jim Parsons. His comedic portrayal of the character is amazing and hilarious! The humor is both serious and sarcastic. Those facial expressions always makes me crack up. I bow down to you Sir Jim Parsons.

 They even have guests stars from shows like Star Trek etc and even real scientists and engineers. One of which was Will Wheaton who played a role in Star Trek. Another one is Bill Nye the Science Guy and Professor Proton and many more! Even though, it is for comedy, you can learn something in this show. Learning and fun.

This show has the biggest budget for an episode which is $1,000,000 for each actor and actress. Wow! At least, they make us laugh.

What do you think of Big Bang Theory? Let me know in the comments!

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The Walking Dead (Show Review #3)

The Walking Dead, from the comics to the main series to the other side series. It is awesome and well-written, the comcept of the story of how people would cope in a zombie apocalypse, how’d they react and fight the dead and the living. It is just mesmerizing. Even the effects like blood and gore and flesh, it is on point. Robert Kirkman is a true genius in his creation, it is a masterpiece. I am definitely a fan of The Walking Dead!

Even though, the comics and series are going in different paths, the flow of the story is still the same, both unique and still great. My favorite character right now is Carol from the TV Series because of how she evolved into a fragile woman into a badass scary woman unlike the comics which she committed suicide several times, it depicts on how strong she was in this series. I am a fan of her!

How would you cope in a zombie apocalypse?

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This is Show Review with Kalizo. Over and Out!

The Flash (Show Review #1)

For me, DC wasn’t really my go-to superhero movie or series to watch. But when I watched the Flash. Boy, I was hooked! Grant Gustin’s performace for the Flash was phenomenal. His facial expressions are spot on. Don’t get me wrong, I am not yet finished with Season 2. But seeing his doppelgangers, the way he acts. It was awesome.

But that isn’t my favorite character. Cisco Ramon a.k.a. The Vibe. Honestly, He is my favorite due to the comedy and the names that he had been calling the superheroes and villains. He is also good with the ladies hahaha.

Also one of my favorite characters is Caitlin Snow. A familiar face from Sky High. The way she portrayed Killer Frost was mind blowing. From a nice and kind girl from Earth 1 to a delusional and menacing girl from Earth 2. Though, she sacrificed herself in the end, she is still badass.

Overall, The Flash is a 5 out of 5 for me. Kalizo, Over and Out.