Panda Ant (Peculiar Animals #1)

Panda ants are not necessarily ants but wasps which belongs to the Multillidae family also called velvet ants. There are over 3000 species of wasps in this family. They are called panda ants because of their colors. Females are usually wingless but has more fur in their body. 

Do not underestimate this small adorable creature because their sting can knockout even animals that are larger than them hence giving them the title “cow killer”. They also have a tough exoskeleton that helps them invade  their prey’s nests and also helps to retain moisture in their body.

They were first discovered in 1938 at Central Chile. Their habitat are mostly found in sand and gravel areas, dry tropics or deserts.

Panda ants also have an extreme sexual dimorphism where males have larger bodies than females. In mating, males carries the females.

They depend on nectar as their main source of food. Males are more nocturnal and females are active in the day.

Steer clear towards this insects that they might have sting that might knock you out.

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