Interior Design (Arki #5)

Interior Designing is one of the specialties you can go into when you are studying Architecture. It also has a separate program because it is also one of the top careers in art. 

Interior Designing is a science and an art in organizing, designing and conceptializing on jow the inside of a structure would look like. It can be modern, rustic, gothic, rococo etc. It is also about designing the three parts of the room; the ceiling, the walls and the floor, all in unison with a concept. The ceiling can be played with in terms of design, lighting, depressions and other aspects while walls has plenty of components such as the doors, windows, the finishes that will be placed in each room and just like the walls and ceilings, the floor has elevated areas and architectural finishes. But it doesn’t stop there, their are furnitures that we can factor in. What kind to get and would it look good with the room components? There are plenty of things that Interior Design has to offer and as architectural students, learn from it.

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Transport Planning (Arki #3)

In our world today, many problems are affecting people in different aspects of life especially through the means of transport such as, traffic congestion, accidents, insecurity of movement, traffic movement etc. Then, Transport Planning was introduced. With that, there are some related disciplines such as planning, architecture, landscape design, urban economics and social policy. Transport planning is stuck in the 1950’s mentality that every urban problem has an engineering solution such as making conventional roads, divided pathways and roads and pedestrianized streets. Then, Sustainable Urbanism emerged which has been identified as the most important environmental concern of the coming century by different experts from different fields whereas transportation planning remains isolated forming a large gap in the strategies of urban sustainability.

What is Transport Planning?

 It caters and understands the needs of the people through movement and transportation. Why? To achieve a safer, convenient and economical way of living. It is also a prediction towards a future demand in transportation and seeing that necessary facilities are doing what they can in order to achieve the goal. In doing so, we can say that Transport Planning is essential in developing cities, enabling economic activities, promoting community interaction and enhancing quality of life.

One of the objectives of Transport planning is implementing these advancements that will go on for generations like having a sustainable development and ensuring safe accessibility at various levels. Different practices are used for transport planning that will be funded by various organizations. The funds will be used to examine demographic characteristics and travel patterns for a given area and see how it will change over a given period of time. With that observation, alternative improvements are conceptualized to transport systems.

Why is it Important?

  • It is an investment tool because it helps reach the desired goals for the city in order to have a much developed transport and movement system.
  • It touches all aspects of city life such as economic development, quality of life, social equity, public health and ecological sustainability.
  • It promotes “Good Accessibility”. For reducing congestion and improving transportation. Also helps with the economic development by attracting jobs and residences
  • The Improvement of Transportation Policy: It is a social policy that may affect the people in a good or bad way. Expanding mobility and job opportunities for the benefit of the people who are too young, old or disabled to drive. Also designed to be pedestrian-centric that will implement the convenient walking time which is 20 minutes for proper functionality of the body.

The four main stages of the transportation planning process:

  •   Transportation survey, data collection and analysis
  1. The data that is being collected is about transportation, journey behavior patterns, nature and intensity traffic, freight structure, cost and benefits, this may be local, regional or national.
  2. Requirement of comprehensive information of traffic flows and patterns within a zone and also the land use and population data in order to monitor and analyze the status of each zone. Interviews and Surveys are  needed to acquire this.
  • Use of transportation model
  1. With the collected data, we can now build a transportation model which is the key in predicting future travel demands and network needs.
  2. There are four stages in this model which is trip generation(talks about the purpose of a trip), trip distribution(analysis of trips in each zone), traffic assignment (the objective is to identify the route choice through a defined transport network) and model split (determines the trip shares public against the private transports).
  • Future land use forecasts and alternative policy strategies
  1. Two reasons why it is a uncertain task:  Transport planners have to rely on the judgment of the types of planners for their land use forecasts and it has plenty of statistical problems.
  2. The most important variables in this stage is Population, Employment and Personal income and expenditure.
  • Policy evaluation
  1. This stage will be evaluating the alternative policies that has been suggested such as transport proposals that talks about the commodities, also the cost benefit analysis which talks about the investment criterion in the public sector. It provides an economic evaluation.

This is our report a while ago and I wanted to share it with you. It took a lot of time to research on this kind of stuff.

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San Sebastian Church Tour (Arki Perspective #1)

San Sebastian Church located in Manila, Philippines. It is the only metallic church found in country. There are exterior and interior plates that is separated by cross braces that holds them together. It falls under the Neo-Gothic Architecture era because of its very ornamented facade, pointed arches with hand-painted stained glass, spires with crockets, rose windows (four of them) and ribbed vaulted ceilings.

Did you know? This was the 5th San Sebastian Church that was built. Because of the Philippines current state then that there were earthquakes and war. San Sebastian was destroyed. Now, fully metal such as the walls, columns and the ceiling. Why steel? It is because the 2nd Industrial Revolution Era where technologies and advancements were being made.

It was originally a retreat house because of its distance with Intramuros with less traffic and a peaceful atmosphere. With all the restoration that went through the building, it has some interesting and mind-bogging facts. The ceiling is not tiles but also painted by students back then. Some paintings are also make to trick the eye that is in actual 3D.

All in all, this church is very memorable and beautiful. Go to San Sebastian Church for a Gothic Experience!! This is Kalizo. Over and Out!

Floor Plan (Arki #2)

A floorplan is a blueprint of the interior of your house/structure. It designates what furnitures are there, where are the doors and windows are placed, where the columns are placed and many more. A floorplan is always the first one to be made when making your design process after the concept making.

Floorplans are guides in helping you layout your building. It gives you a sense of feel that you are exactly inside the house. It also gives the shape and form of your structure.

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Concept Making (Arki #1)

Ideas can come from anywhere. Everyday you have at least 4-5 ideas that you make but forgotten because of other things that you do. Ideas are things that starts plans and concepts. Just one simple idea can be a grand building. You just have to look and think of the idea that suits with the context of the situation.

For me, making concepts can start with materialized objects or abstract ideas. Sometimes I research about the things I want to put in that certain building or sometimes the idea just comes to me. Concepts can be changed meaning all will be changed including the plans of that certain building. Concepts are not just words or phrases that is there to be displayed but elaborated and explained for others to understand the idea of the establishment.

Concepts and Ideas are everywhere. You just have to look for it and when you do, all will be whole.

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