Depression (Advice #15)

  It has been said that depression is only true when a person undergoes deep sadness. There are plenty of forms of depression. It can be rooted to many things to like loneliness, heartbreak, career, family, friends, life or death. And what worse is that you keep it to yourself because you keep teeling yourself that you could do it, you can fix it on your own. You don’t need someone’s help because they have other problems. 

Depression can also be considered as a disorder meaning that you need medical help because this can’t be fixed with one seating and you can’t put it under the rug. Some people don’t  even survive this disorder because of how deep their sadness is that all of their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control are gone. 

They also think that the only way out of this hell world is to kill themselves. And that is wrong. 

If you feel you can’t do it, get some medical help. If you are not comfortable with that, tell your parents or friends to lift your spirits up. Don’t bottle it up, just let go and feel it. Be strong.

This is Advice with Kalizo. I’m here guys if you want to talk. Over and Out 🙂


Frenemies (Advice #14)

We all have that one person who you hate but can’t live without. You hate them but you love them all the same. They are called Frenemies or Friends-Enemies. 

They might tease you, annoy you or downright bully you but sometimes they are nice and would be there for you. I have this friend who annoyed me and I did the same to him, we both annoyed each other. But when I was down, he was there for me. He comforted me. But after that, we had our fights and our friendships. The frenemy that I didn’t need but I wanted.

You will meet some this kind of friend at a point in your life, you just have to adjust the settings in your life.

Tell me your Frenemy Story in the comments below.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out!

Being Part of the LGBT Community (Advice #13)

Being part of this community is free-ing because it shows that you are not afraid to be yourself around others. Making yourself known to the world that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. But we all know that some people won’t accept that and would even go to extremes to show you that like bullying. That is there problem not ours. I mean liking someone of the same gender or both genders for the matter is not even the point but the person, you like the person regardless of anything. Don’t be afraid to come out. But also know the consequence, some of your friends might accept you and some might not. Some of your relatives might tolerate and accept it but some might shun you forever. If your friend just sees the LGBT trait you are having and not your personality then they were not your friends in the first place. Your relatives will come around eventually because they are your family.

It all circles back to you as a person. How you would feel about this. How you would accept yourself and be brave enough to come out. You can tolerate it and deny it but you will just hurt yourself. 

Humanity should love regardless of whom they like and who they are sharing their bed with or if they are lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. We are all human after all treat us as such. See their personalities, get to know them and you might not know, they can help you in the end.

There is nothing wrong if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, you are who you are and nobody shall influence or destroy that. Be proud of who you are!

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out! 🙂

Choosing your Career (Advice #12)

Choosing your career, one of the difficult choices you have to make. Unless, you planned it out but you never really know how fate will assemble your path. Be ready.

In choosing your career, there are plenty of factors that comes into play here. One is your family and friends, in a small way. It will influence your decision in choosing your career. Another is distinguishing your career between hobbies. This is plenty difficult. I actually had experienced this because I love doing so much stuff that it comsumes my life that I would try almost everything. This time I found out what I’m really passionate about and that is how I find that Writing and Architecture are my main thing. It is not that difficult when you know what you are passionate about. Another factor is financial status. For me, this is not important whether you earn a big or small salary as long as you are happy with what you are doing, you will never work in a day in your life.

What is your dream job?

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out.

Family (Advice #11)

A family is community between the people you are related to, blood-related. They are the one you can fall back on, you can count on, the people who would be there for you with your problems and would support you every step of the way. But does it stop there?

Family are not just blood relatives but can also be friends who you treat like brothers and sisters, teachers or anyone who is special to your life and you want them to be there with you when you achieve your goals and objectives in life.

Families doesn’t stop there. Actually, everyone is your family according to God. Everybody is your brother or sister. That is why we should treat everyone with equality and equity and show them love and care. Show acceptance and appreciation towards them.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out!

Be Yourself (Advice #10)

“Be yourself” is a phrase/advice you give to a person who is experiencing an anxiety problem with the situation or in other context. People say this statement in order to make the person better and worthy of the current situation. But there is slight misconception about this. For example, what if the current “you” was lazy or shy or overconfident or other wordly adjectives that you describe to people. You always going to tell them to be yourself? What if your friend was on a date, and you know that he/she is not good around other people. “Be yourself” is the advice that some people give. 

In this statement, we can change the statement as “Be the better version of yourself” because at this rate that in you, you have to change something for the better before it might affect you and other people in a terrible way. 

For the people reading this: Be the better version of yourself and you’ll achieve wonders.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out.

Friends (Advice #9)

Friends are special. You tend to share things with them some things that you may rarely share with your parents because they might not understand. Friends are there for you no matter what but there are friends that use you blindly and hurt in more ways that one. There are also friends who would do anything for you because they are kind or might harbor some feelings for you.

Treat your friends right. Do not take them for granted. Be a giver. This will mark your friendship, your bond with each other and remember it for the rest of your lives. Love your friends like they are your family.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out.