Pokemon Sun and Moon (Games #6)

Pokemon Sun and Moon is another Pokemon game made by Nintendo. This game has exceeded my expectations with its story and the design of the new catchable Pokemon. There are also new concepts introduced like Ultra Beasts, Alolan Pokemon, Z Moves, The Rotom Pokedex, New kind of Battling Style, Social Media and many more. The characters has their own quirky personalities that I love. With that release, they also created a kind of sequel to the Sun and Moon franchise, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Although, I was kind of disappointed with a few Pokemon was added but the storyline is kind of different which makes me want to play it again.

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Advice #16: Masochist vs. Sadist

A masochist is when a person loves to inflict unto herself/himself while a sadist is a person who loves inflicting pain unto others. It is mostly a psychological thing in how you perceive them. It can be sexual or it can be how they see themselves.

Some can switch from being a masochist to a sadist or a sadist into a masochist which is sadomasochism, in which they enjoy pain inflicted on them and others.

How do you deal with them? You accept them and give them what they want in order to avoid disturbances/annoyances but some people tend to go over the top and leading people severely hurt, that is when you need to stop.

Are you a masochist or a sadist?

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BBTan Series (Games #4)

This game is very addictive and I mean you could literally sit and lie down all day, playing this game. BBTan was created by the company named 111%. They have created some awesome games like Aporia and TikiTaka!. All of them are addictive.

The BBTan Series goes all the way up to GGTan which is an entirely different style of game from BBTan. Well, I never played the other ones except for BBTan but I’m sure it is also good. 

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Reading (Hobbies #4)

Reading is an efficient way to broaden and strengthen your knowledge and capacity of mind. It gives us insight and perspective on how we should perceive certain things. For example, reading the newspaper and magazine gives us information about the society, politics, passions, etc. Another example is books and textbooks gives us learning information for the future to come. Or reading can be a form to pass the time. 

Reading books with any genre gives you a concept on how the world looks like and when you read the lines of each chapter, your mind creates the scene like you are their with the characters. It also gives you the feeling of what the protagonist is experiencing such as suspense, joy, depression, fury and many more. 

Reading is a way to escape the problems of your life and see the way the book wants you to analyze. Read and be aware!

Some of my favorite books are:

The Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan (featuring a young ranger overcoming a war)

Mythology Series by Rick Riordan (featuring some of the Greek Gods as modern people)

All of Sidney Sheldon Books

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Chapter 10: Guns Ablazing! (TWD: The Infection)

         Car windows are broken. Glass shards are everywhere. Blood spilling. That is the current situation of the Dawson and Myers family. Daphne woke up with the kids and Reese knocked out. He looked around and she saw walkers passing by and she saw her father getting eaten by walkers. His lifeless eyes made Daphne cry. She saw the gun near Reese, the gun of his father. She tried to grab it, almost an inch. Reese woke up and grabs her hand and bites her resulting for Daphne to scream loudly from the pain, attracting walkers who were passing by.
Kyle woke up, seeing walking trying to punch the car windows and her mom in pain. He tried to crawl for the gun but he was so much in pain but he thought “This is for mom, I need to save her.”

He grabbed the gun but his mother stabbed Reese in the head with a glass shard. Kyle starts shooting to the outside of the car. Hitting their heads left and right. Daphne also help and stabbed walkers who are near them with the glass shard. Jordan and Aiden woke up and were crying and hugging each other.

“Jordan! Aiden! Stay away from the windows. Crawl to the center!” Kyle ordered them. They followed Kyle’s advice. Daphne was still in her seatbelt. She was stuck and couldn’t break free. She was getting tired swinging left and right. Now, Kyle was out of ammo. Kyle looked at her mom. She was exhausted, his cousins was terrified just like what happened to the inn. Kyle held his mother’s hand and also his cousin’s hands. They closed their eyes and know that this is it. Until bullets started flying around them and killing every walker in sight.

“Hello! Is anybody in there?” A woman asked.

“Yes, please help us!” Daphne exclaimed.

A woman in darker skin came up to us. She held out her hand and took Jordan and Aiden out of the car. Kyle was next. He noticed that they were police officers. They were five of them. Two were hanging from their police cars so that they could get away fast. Three of them are trying to help us including the female police officer.

“What about my mom? She needs help.” Kyle snarked.

“Impatient aren’t ya. Don’t worry, Officer Smith is trying to help her. I’m Officer Jones and you boys are?”

“Sorry. I’m Kyle, this is Jordan and Aiden. That is my mom, Daphne.”

Officer Smith managed to get Daphne out and bandaged her wound. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am feeling better now”

“Mom!” Kyle hugged his mom followed by his cousins.

“Well isn’t this a sweet display. Howdy folks.” An older man approached them with a big smile on his face. He has different uniforms than the other police officers.

“I’m Chief Rex Santos.” He held his hand out to Kyle and Kyle shook it. “What a firm grip you have there, son.” Kyle noticed he has an accent, that Tennessee accent.

“Thanks” Kyle hesitant to trust them.

“Well, we will be taking you to the department to rest and stay there for a while, if you choose to.”

“Alright, thank you officers and Chief Santos” Daphne grateful for the kindness of the officers.

They all got in their cars. The Chief got in the first car with the unnamed police officers. And Kyle and his family got in to the second car with Officer Jones and Officer Smith.

“Officer, you know my father was also a police officer.” Aiden remembered.

“Really? Where is she now baby?” Officer Jones asked.

“Dead. He died from the crash.” 

Officer Jones and Smith was shocked from the response and just smiled back to Aiden. Daphne and the kids were asleep because of exhaustion. Kyle was looking at the window and seeing the forests disappear into walls and fences. They were at the police department. It was huge and protected with massive walls. There were also prisoners lurking and working their asses off for the fortification of the wall. Kyle was amazed.

“Come on out” Officer Smith suggested.

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Depression (Advice #15)

  It has been said that depression is only true when a person undergoes deep sadness. There are plenty of forms of depression. It can be rooted to many things to like loneliness, heartbreak, career, family, friends, life or death. And what worse is that you keep it to yourself because you keep teeling yourself that you could do it, you can fix it on your own. You don’t need someone’s help because they have other problems. 

Depression can also be considered as a disorder meaning that you need medical help because this can’t be fixed with one seating and you can’t put it under the rug. Some people don’t  even survive this disorder because of how deep their sadness is that all of their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control are gone. 

They also think that the only way out of this hell world is to kill themselves. And that is wrong. 

If you feel you can’t do it, get some medical help. If you are not comfortable with that, tell your parents or friends to lift your spirits up. Don’t bottle it up, just let go and feel it. Be strong.

This is Advice with Kalizo. I’m here guys if you want to talk. Over and Out 🙂

Black Ghost Knifefish (Peculiar Animals #2)

Black Ghost Knifefish or Black Ghosts are found in the rivers of the Amazon where it can catch it prey through the sandy gravel of the its rivers and also migrates through the flooded forests during wet seasons. Although they have poor vision, they use an organ that produces electric fields that surrounds them in order to detect objects and movements around them, like sonar but much cooler.

This magnificent creature can grow up to 20 inches with a lifespan of 15 years. The electric field organ is located in their moving fin under its body. This is also used to track prey. Their diet is usually larvaes, insects, worms and small fish.

They are also scaleless meaning that the fish are more prone to diseases especially in the wild  where they most likely to carry parasites.

Trivia: As an owner: If you have a strong bond with this fish, they can eat the food right put of your hand.

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