Chapter 11: Negotiations (TWD: The Infection)

        The woman was holding a somewhat a rifle in Jeremiah’s face. She was signaling KC to join Jeremiah as they were backing up on the side of the car.

“What are you doing here?” the woman asked.

“We want no trouble, we were just passing by. We were running out of gas and we saw this gas station.” Jeremiah argued.

“Hey, what’s going on?” a guy holding another rifle that came out of the store accompanied by another guy holding a long machete in his hand. The man who was holding a rifle has a darker skin. He was wearing a gray hoodie and ripped pants like he got in a fight or something. He has tattoos all over. The other guy was opposite in appearance. He was cleaner, he has an apron on. He has a nametag on his shirt implying that he works at the gas station. He smirking on KC and Jeremiah, it is like he got caught stealing.

“Stealing from us eh?”

“No, if you want us to leave. We’ll leave. Stop pointing that gun at me.” Jeremiah pushed the gun away from him but the woman retaliated by smacking him with gun resulting for him to be knocked out. 

“Cuff them, Lenny” the store manager ordered. KC, afraid of what is going to happen to them. They were taking them inside the store. KC observes the place, they were positioned in the corner of the place. Most of the goods are looted and put in some sort of bag for them to take. Most of the shelves are positioned beside the windows and stores for protection. The manager was guarding the door. Lenny was keeping an eye on them while the woman was going to a little girl. The little girl was lying down, panting. She might be sick.

“What happened to the little girl?” KC asked.

“None of your business” Lenny answered.

“Well, I’m handcuffed against my will and I couldn’t hurt to know everyone right?”

“Fine, I’m Lenny, the guy who has the machete is Justin. He owns the place. That’s Sarah and her daughter, Luna, she was injured when they were running from those things. Now, I think her wound is infected and we don’t know how to treat it.”

“Maybe I can help. I was studying to be a doctor/psychologist. I know some things”

“Really, you can help my daughter?” Sarah enlightened about the situation. Justin intervened.

“She is tricking you. It has been a week when THIS started. Some people are sneaky than others just to think of themselves.”

“Well, I am thinking about the welfare of my daughter. So I don’t have a choice.” she turns to KC. “Please, help her.”

KC nodded and put his arms out for Lenny to unlock it. Justin was hesitant but he watched her. Lenny was now guarding the place. KC tries to tend to the wound.

“Do you have some antibiotics, bandages or something?”

“No, just keep treating.” Justin discussed. Sarah glared at him like a lioness about to pounce on him. Justin noticed and got scared. “Fine, here.” KC continued treating Luna.

Jeremiah started to wake up. ”What’s happening? KC?”

“It is alright Jer. I’m trying to help this little girl”

“Here, I’ll unlock it” Sarah suggested.

“Guys, we have a problem” Lenny is looking at the incoming herd. Coming from the front of the gas station. Jeremiah and KC looked at each other and both afraid of what is about to happen.

This is the Infection with Kalizo inspired by TWD. Over and Out!

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Reading (Hobbies #4)

Reading is an efficient way to broaden and strengthen your knowledge and capacity of mind. It gives us insight and perspective on how we should perceive certain things. For example, reading the newspaper and magazine gives us information about the society, politics, passions, etc. Another example is books and textbooks gives us learning information for the future to come. Or reading can be a form to pass the time. 

Reading books with any genre gives you a concept on how the world looks like and when you read the lines of each chapter, your mind creates the scene like you are their with the characters. It also gives you the feeling of what the protagonist is experiencing such as suspense, joy, depression, fury and many more. 

Reading is a way to escape the problems of your life and see the way the book wants you to analyze. Read and be aware!

Some of my favorite books are:

The Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan (featuring a young ranger overcoming a war)

Mythology Series by Rick Riordan (featuring some of the Greek Gods as modern people)

All of Sidney Sheldon Books

This is Hobbies with Kalizo. Over and Out!

Chapter 10: Guns Ablazing! (TWD: The Infection)

         Car windows are broken. Glass shards are everywhere. Blood spilling. That is the current situation of the Dawson and Myers family. Daphne woke up with the kids and Reese knocked out. He looked around and she saw walkers passing by and she saw her father getting eaten by walkers. His lifeless eyes made Daphne cry. She saw the gun near Reese, the gun of his father. She tried to grab it, almost an inch. Reese woke up and grabs her hand and bites her resulting for Daphne to scream loudly from the pain, attracting walkers who were passing by.
Kyle woke up, seeing walking trying to punch the car windows and her mom in pain. He tried to crawl for the gun but he was so much in pain but he thought “This is for mom, I need to save her.”

He grabbed the gun but his mother stabbed Reese in the head with a glass shard. Kyle starts shooting to the outside of the car. Hitting their heads left and right. Daphne also help and stabbed walkers who are near them with the glass shard. Jordan and Aiden woke up and were crying and hugging each other.

“Jordan! Aiden! Stay away from the windows. Crawl to the center!” Kyle ordered them. They followed Kyle’s advice. Daphne was still in her seatbelt. She was stuck and couldn’t break free. She was getting tired swinging left and right. Now, Kyle was out of ammo. Kyle looked at her mom. She was exhausted, his cousins was terrified just like what happened to the inn. Kyle held his mother’s hand and also his cousin’s hands. They closed their eyes and know that this is it. Until bullets started flying around them and killing every walker in sight.

“Hello! Is anybody in there?” A woman asked.

“Yes, please help us!” Daphne exclaimed.

A woman in darker skin came up to us. She held out her hand and took Jordan and Aiden out of the car. Kyle was next. He noticed that they were police officers. They were five of them. Two were hanging from their police cars so that they could get away fast. Three of them are trying to help us including the female police officer.

“What about my mom? She needs help.” Kyle snarked.

“Impatient aren’t ya. Don’t worry, Officer Smith is trying to help her. I’m Officer Jones and you boys are?”

“Sorry. I’m Kyle, this is Jordan and Aiden. That is my mom, Daphne.”

Officer Smith managed to get Daphne out and bandaged her wound. “Ma’am, are you okay?”

“Yes, I am feeling better now”

“Mom!” Kyle hugged his mom followed by his cousins.

“Well isn’t this a sweet display. Howdy folks.” An older man approached them with a big smile on his face. He has different uniforms than the other police officers.

“I’m Chief Rex Santos.” He held his hand out to Kyle and Kyle shook it. “What a firm grip you have there, son.” Kyle noticed he has an accent, that Tennessee accent.

“Thanks” Kyle hesitant to trust them.

“Well, we will be taking you to the department to rest and stay there for a while, if you choose to.”

“Alright, thank you officers and Chief Santos” Daphne grateful for the kindness of the officers.

They all got in their cars. The Chief got in the first car with the unnamed police officers. And Kyle and his family got in to the second car with Officer Jones and Officer Smith.

“Officer, you know my father was also a police officer.” Aiden remembered.

“Really? Where is she now baby?” Officer Jones asked.

“Dead. He died from the crash.” 

Officer Jones and Smith was shocked from the response and just smiled back to Aiden. Daphne and the kids were asleep because of exhaustion. Kyle was looking at the window and seeing the forests disappear into walls and fences. They were at the police department. It was huge and protected with massive walls. There were also prisoners lurking and working their asses off for the fortification of the wall. Kyle was amazed.

“Come on out” Officer Smith suggested.

This is The Infection by Kalizo. Over and out!

Depression (Advice #15)

  It has been said that depression is only true when a person undergoes deep sadness. There are plenty of forms of depression. It can be rooted to many things to like loneliness, heartbreak, career, family, friends, life or death. And what worse is that you keep it to yourself because you keep teeling yourself that you could do it, you can fix it on your own. You don’t need someone’s help because they have other problems. 

Depression can also be considered as a disorder meaning that you need medical help because this can’t be fixed with one seating and you can’t put it under the rug. Some people don’t  even survive this disorder because of how deep their sadness is that all of their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control are gone. 

They also think that the only way out of this hell world is to kill themselves. And that is wrong. 

If you feel you can’t do it, get some medical help. If you are not comfortable with that, tell your parents or friends to lift your spirits up. Don’t bottle it up, just let go and feel it. Be strong.

This is Advice with Kalizo. I’m here guys if you want to talk. Over and Out 🙂

Black Ghost Knifefish (Peculiar Animals #2)

Black Ghost Knifefish or Black Ghosts are found in the rivers of the Amazon where it can catch it prey through the sandy gravel of the its rivers and also migrates through the flooded forests during wet seasons. Although they have poor vision, they use an organ that produces electric fields that surrounds them in order to detect objects and movements around them, like sonar but much cooler.

This magnificent creature can grow up to 20 inches with a lifespan of 15 years. The electric field organ is located in their moving fin under its body. This is also used to track prey. Their diet is usually larvaes, insects, worms and small fish.

They are also scaleless meaning that the fish are more prone to diseases especially in the wild  where they most likely to carry parasites.

Trivia: As an owner: If you have a strong bond with this fish, they can eat the food right put of your hand.

This is Peculiar Animals with Kalizo. Over and Out.

The Walking Dead Telltale Games (Games #4)

Telltale Games has plenty of game interactive stories that is waiting to played by our hands. All of their games are decision-based games where your choices can greatly affect the storyline of the game. Such franchises are The Wolf Among Us, Batman, Tales of Borderlands and many more. But my favorite is The Walking Dead.

It is now in its third season. It has come along way. From playing the loyal and caring Lee to the badass and cool Clementine to the family-oriented and honest Javier. These three seasons are all exciting because it gives a different storyline from the Comic Series but you can see some characters in the game that are in the comics. Honestly, from playing the game, I can see that your choices can either get someone killed, save someone or have bad blood with them. Of course, not spoiling anything. You should play the game or at least watch Youtubers play. I suggest Ihascupquake’s channel. She delivered great commentary.

This is Games with Kalizo. Logging off.

Chapter 9: Her Sorrows (TWD: The Infection)

       They were travelling to a road that leads to the unknown. They both don’t know where they are going. KC was silent. She thought that yesterday was a happy and go lucky day. Her mom is alive and always busy. But now, it is all dead and also her mother. Her dreams crushed in one single day. She has no more to look forward to. She has no longer to live for. She started to tear up.
“Hey, are you okay?” Jeremiah was concerned. She has been through enough and even he has. KC didn’t respond. He was annoyed because he can’t stand the silence anymore, it has been a day since all of it went down.

“KC! Will you snap out of it?! This is not helping! We don’t even know where we are headed!!”

“WELL THEN DROP ME OFF HERE! I HAVE NOTHING! YOU SAVED ME! YOU COULD’VE LEFT ME THERE!” KC shouted and burst into tears. KC grabbed the wheel and turned it to the side of the road so that the car would stop. Jeremiah stepped on the break and KC got out of the car and ran. Jeremiah chased her and tried to find her. He saw her kneeling and crying not too far from the roadside. He sat beside her and put his arms around trying to comfort her. 

“Jeremiah, it is all my fault. I should’ve been the one who got eaten. Melissa wanted to be left behind but I insisted but she set her mind. And now she is in pieces at the university.”

“It is not your fault. THIS is not your fault. None of it is your fault. The world turned to shit in one day and you can’t blame yourself for that. Melissa made her choice and she knew the consequences. Just be grateful that you survived.”

KC wasn’t convinced but she showed a sly smile. “I’m going to miss her and also my mom. Aren’t you going to miss her?”

“Yeah even though she has an annoying and loud voice”

KC elbowed him and Jeremiah chuckled. “I’m kidding. I will miss her.” Jeremiah noticed the rustling bushes. “We better get out of here. I think something is coming”

They both walked back to the car and drove off. They continued on the road and KC back at staring at the window but Jeremiah held her hand and smiled at her. KC smiled back.

They stumbled upon a gas station with a small store beside it. They got out of the car, parking their car near the gas filler. Jeremiah tries to fill the car with gas until a woman put a gun on his face.

“Let go of the gas filler”

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This is story is inspired by The Walking Dead TV Show and Comics. This is The Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out!