Chapter 11: Negotiations (TWD: The Infection)

        The woman was holding a somewhat a rifle in Jeremiah’s face. She was signaling KC to join Jeremiah as they were backing up on the side of the car.

“What are you doing here?” the woman asked.

“We want no trouble, we were just passing by. We were running out of gas and we saw this gas station.” Jeremiah argued.

“Hey, what’s going on?” a guy holding another rifle that came out of the store accompanied by another guy holding a long machete in his hand. The man who was holding a rifle has a darker skin. He was wearing a gray hoodie and ripped pants like he got in a fight or something. He has tattoos all over. The other guy was opposite in appearance. He was cleaner, he has an apron on. He has a nametag on his shirt implying that he works at the gas station. He smirking on KC and Jeremiah, it is like he got caught stealing.

“Stealing from us eh?”

“No, if you want us to leave. We’ll leave. Stop pointing that gun at me.” Jeremiah pushed the gun away from him but the woman retaliated by smacking him with gun resulting for him to be knocked out. 

“Cuff them, Lenny” the store manager ordered. KC, afraid of what is going to happen to them. They were taking them inside the store. KC observes the place, they were positioned in the corner of the place. Most of the goods are looted and put in some sort of bag for them to take. Most of the shelves are positioned beside the windows and stores for protection. The manager was guarding the door. Lenny was keeping an eye on them while the woman was going to a little girl. The little girl was lying down, panting. She might be sick.

“What happened to the little girl?” KC asked.

“None of your business” Lenny answered.

“Well, I’m handcuffed against my will and I couldn’t hurt to know everyone right?”

“Fine, I’m Lenny, the guy who has the machete is Justin. He owns the place. That’s Sarah and her daughter, Luna, she was injured when they were running from those things. Now, I think her wound is infected and we don’t know how to treat it.”

“Maybe I can help. I was studying to be a doctor/psychologist. I know some things”

“Really, you can help my daughter?” Sarah enlightened about the situation. Justin intervened.

“She is tricking you. It has been a week when THIS started. Some people are sneaky than others just to think of themselves.”

“Well, I am thinking about the welfare of my daughter. So I don’t have a choice.” she turns to KC. “Please, help her.”

KC nodded and put his arms out for Lenny to unlock it. Justin was hesitant but he watched her. Lenny was now guarding the place. KC tries to tend to the wound.

“Do you have some antibiotics, bandages or something?”

“No, just keep treating.” Justin discussed. Sarah glared at him like a lioness about to pounce on him. Justin noticed and got scared. “Fine, here.” KC continued treating Luna.

Jeremiah started to wake up. ”What’s happening? KC?”

“It is alright Jer. I’m trying to help this little girl”

“Here, I’ll unlock it” Sarah suggested.

“Guys, we have a problem” Lenny is looking at the incoming herd. Coming from the front of the gas station. Jeremiah and KC looked at each other and both afraid of what is about to happen.

This is the Infection with Kalizo inspired by TWD. Over and Out!

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