Black Ghost Knifefish (Peculiar Animals #2)

Black Ghost Knifefish or Black Ghosts are found in the rivers of the Amazon where it can catch it prey through the sandy gravel of the its rivers and also migrates through the flooded forests during wet seasons. Although they have poor vision, they use an organ that produces electric fields that surrounds them in order to detect objects and movements around them, like sonar but much cooler.

This magnificent creature can grow up to 20 inches with a lifespan of 15 years. The electric field organ is located in their moving fin under its body. This is also used to track prey. Their diet is usually larvaes, insects, worms and small fish.

They are also scaleless meaning that the fish are more prone to diseases especially in the wild  where they most likely to carry parasites.

Trivia: As an owner: If you have a strong bond with this fish, they can eat the food right put of your hand.

This is Peculiar Animals with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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