The Walking Dead Telltale Games (Games #4)

Telltale Games has plenty of game interactive stories that is waiting to played by our hands. All of their games are decision-based games where your choices can greatly affect the storyline of the game. Such franchises are The Wolf Among Us, Batman, Tales of Borderlands and many more. But my favorite is The Walking Dead.

It is now in its third season. It has come along way. From playing the loyal and caring Lee to the badass and cool Clementine to the family-oriented and honest Javier. These three seasons are all exciting because it gives a different storyline from the Comic Series but you can see some characters in the game that are in the comics. Honestly, from playing the game, I can see that your choices can either get someone killed, save someone or have bad blood with them. Of course, not spoiling anything. You should play the game or at least watch Youtubers play. I suggest Ihascupquake’s channel. She delivered great commentary.

This is Games with Kalizo. Logging off.


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