Frenemies (Advice #14)

We all have that one person who you hate but can’t live without. You hate them but you love them all the same. They are called Frenemies or Friends-Enemies. 

They might tease you, annoy you or downright bully you but sometimes they are nice and would be there for you. I have this friend who annoyed me and I did the same to him, we both annoyed each other. But when I was down, he was there for me. He comforted me. But after that, we had our fights and our friendships. The frenemy that I didn’t need but I wanted.

You will meet some this kind of friend at a point in your life, you just have to adjust the settings in your life.

Tell me your Frenemy Story in the comments below.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out!


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