Being Part of the LGBT Community (Advice #13)

Being part of this community is free-ing because it shows that you are not afraid to be yourself around others. Making yourself known to the world that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. But we all know that some people won’t accept that and would even go to extremes to show you that like bullying. That is there problem not ours. I mean liking someone of the same gender or both genders for the matter is not even the point but the person, you like the person regardless of anything. Don’t be afraid to come out. But also know the consequence, some of your friends might accept you and some might not. Some of your relatives might tolerate and accept it but some might shun you forever. If your friend just sees the LGBT trait you are having and not your personality then they were not your friends in the first place. Your relatives will come around eventually because they are your family.

It all circles back to you as a person. How you would feel about this. How you would accept yourself and be brave enough to come out. You can tolerate it and deny it but you will just hurt yourself. 

Humanity should love regardless of whom they like and who they are sharing their bed with or if they are lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual or transgender. We are all human after all treat us as such. See their personalities, get to know them and you might not know, they can help you in the end.

There is nothing wrong if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, you are who you are and nobody shall influence or destroy that. Be proud of who you are!

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out! 🙂


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