The Walking Dead (Show Review #3)

The Walking Dead, from the comics to the main series to the other side series. It is awesome and well-written, the comcept of the story of how people would cope in a zombie apocalypse, how’d they react and fight the dead and the living. It is just mesmerizing. Even the effects like blood and gore and flesh, it is on point. Robert Kirkman is a true genius in his creation, it is a masterpiece. I am definitely a fan of The Walking Dead!

Even though, the comics and series are going in different paths, the flow of the story is still the same, both unique and still great. My favorite character right now is Carol from the TV Series because of how she evolved into a fragile woman into a badass scary woman unlike the comics which she committed suicide several times, it depicts on how strong she was in this series. I am a fan of her!

How would you cope in a zombie apocalypse?

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This is Show Review with Kalizo. Over and Out!


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