Last of Us Part 2 (Games #2)

Hello out there Last of Us Fans! Have you heard about the Last of Us Part 2? Here is the trailer:

In this trailer, Ellie and Joel has come a long way and have aged since then. Joel is now a grandpa but still can work it and Ellie, now a teenager who surprisingly can sing and can play the guitar. And notice that, she has a tree tattoo across her arms like she looks more badass. Joel wasn’t really showed at the trailer as much except when he talked to Ellie. I wonder if he had told the truth to Ellie. 

When he was walking towards her, you can all the people that Ellie has killed that is why she is all covered in blood. She is a natural born killer. You can see the anger in her eyes, who is she referring to when she said “I’m going to find and kill every last one of them.” There are plenty of speculations in this next game, if Joel is going to die etc etc. I can’t wait to play the game.

Here is a gameplay of Last of Us Part 1 by the REACT Channel of the Fine Brothers Entertainment:

This is Games with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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