San Sebastian Church Tour (Arki Perspective #1)

San Sebastian Church located in Manila, Philippines. It is the only metallic church found in country. There are exterior and interior plates that is separated by cross braces that holds them together. It falls under the Neo-Gothic Architecture era because of its very ornamented facade, pointed arches with hand-painted stained glass, spires with crockets, rose windows (four of them) and ribbed vaulted ceilings.

Did you know? This was the 5th San Sebastian Church that was built. Because of the Philippines current state then that there were earthquakes and war. San Sebastian was destroyed. Now, fully metal such as the walls, columns and the ceiling. Why steel? It is because the 2nd Industrial Revolution Era where technologies and advancements were being made.

It was originally a retreat house because of its distance with Intramuros with less traffic and a peaceful atmosphere. With all the restoration that went through the building, it has some interesting and mind-bogging facts. The ceiling is not tiles but also painted by students back then. Some paintings are also make to trick the eye that is in actual 3D.

All in all, this church is very memorable and beautiful. Go to San Sebastian Church for a Gothic Experience!! This is Kalizo. Over and Out!


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