Be Yourself (Advice #10)

“Be yourself” is a phrase/advice you give to a person who is experiencing an anxiety problem with the situation or in other context. People say this statement in order to make the person better and worthy of the current situation. But there is slight misconception about this. For example, what if the current “you” was lazy or shy or overconfident or other wordly adjectives that you describe to people. You always going to tell them to be yourself? What if your friend was on a date, and you know that he/she is not good around other people. “Be yourself” is the advice that some people give. 

In this statement, we can change the statement as “Be the better version of yourself” because at this rate that in you, you have to change something for the better before it might affect you and other people in a terrible way. 

For the people reading this: Be the better version of yourself and you’ll achieve wonders.

This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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