Road of Damnation (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 8)

      The family is still on the road. They were all quiet, traumatized of what happened back at the inn. They couldn’t believe it. Kyle was looking at the window and saw another guy walking through the fields. Now, he knows what it is. Daphne broke the silence.
“So what now, Dad? Where are we going?”

“We are still going to Wyoming. There is an evacuation center there.”

“WHAT!? We should go home Dad! Back to our jobs and let things blow over.” Amber intervened.

“You think things will blow over. NO! This the best decision, I know a guy there, he owes me.”



The car was put at a stop because there was a man standing in their way. He was standing in one spot and swaying like a branch. Reese was honking the car and telling him to get out of the way. The man turned around and his face, half of his face is gone. His gray skin tone, white eyes and only his top teeth that are left, no mouth, no chin. He started to climb the front part of the van. Reese couldn’t move. Walkers started to come out from every direction. The jawless guy from before caught up to them and was trying to break the window from Aiden’s side. 

“They are here again!! Mom MOM!!!!” The guy broke the window and trying to grab Aiden. Amber took action and went outside and pulled the guy from the window successfully but failed when she got devoured by incoming walkers. Aiden and Jordan cried for their mother is gone.

“REESE DRIVE!!” Jack shouted at him. Reese thought that she will be leaving his wife’s body. As he was frozen, Jack stepped on the pedal resulting for the man’s body to be shot through the window onto his face. Reese was driving while looking at Jack’s face getting eaten by the man. His guts were getting twisted and blood flowed all over the car’s floor. Everyone was screaming. Reese was struggling to keep his attention on the road and he hit a walker. The van flipped over several times. Leaving their status unknown.

This is Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out.


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