Concept Making (Arki #1)

Ideas can come from anywhere. Everyday you have at least 4-5 ideas that you make but forgotten because of other things that you do. Ideas are things that starts plans and concepts. Just one simple idea can be a grand building. You just have to look and think of the idea that suits with the context of the situation.

For me, making concepts can start with materialized objects or abstract ideas. Sometimes I research about the things I want to put in that certain building or sometimes the idea just comes to me. Concepts can be changed meaning all will be changed including the plans of that certain building. Concepts are not just words or phrases that is there to be displayed but elaborated and explained for others to understand the idea of the establishment.

Concepts and Ideas are everywhere. You just have to look for it and when you do, all will be whole.

This is Arki with Kalizo. Over and Out!


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