Pokemon Go Gen 2 Hype! (Games #1)

I admit I am a huge Pokemon fan. This is the things that I grew up with. Pokemon are creatures that are just adorable and strong at the same time. Whenever there is a new generation coming up, I taken upon myself to memorize them all.

When I first heard about Pokemon Go, all of the bones, muscles and tissues in my body started to tingle with excitement. Then I played it, it was awesome. The problem was the hype was gone when the game is just reprating itself over and over again with same Pokemon and unupdated features. I stopped playing because of that. Pokemon Go was overshadowed by Pokemon Sun and Moon which was an awesome game. 

I heard about this update that they would add Generation 2 in the game. I was hyped again but I don’t know if people would play it again unless they are truly Pokemon fans. Do you think the process of ups and downs of Pokemon Go will repeat itself?

This is Games with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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