Cafeteria Madness (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 7)

KC tearing up, Melissa tries to comfort her and asking what is wrong. “My mother, she is dead.”

As Melissa was about to say something, the window broke beside them. KC tries to see what disrupted the surrounding. It was like in the news, the walking corpses, pale, missing body parts, blood coming from everywhere. The things started eating students. Blood splattered everywhere, screams replaced silence. People started running towards the door. KC stood there, thinking about her dead mother, that is all in her mind right now.

“KC, KC!!! COME ON” Melissa tries to shake KC off because the things are starting to go to them. KC gathered her thoughts and they started to go towards the cafeteria door. Things are starting to gain on them. They got through the door but it was worse than the cafeteria. Students and teachers’ screams can be heard all over the buildings because of the fear and pain that they are going through.

“This way” Jeremiah initiated.

They dodged the screaming students and walkers. Jeremiah got grabbed but he pushed the walker away from him. He got backed up and got separated with KC and Melissa.

“Jeremiah!! NO!!” KC exclaimed.

“I’ll meet you outside, Don’t worry!!” Jeremiah ran to the opposite side of the building. Melissa pulled KC.

“Come on, KC. We need to get out of here.”

“But Jeremiah”

“He will be fine! Now come on!!”

They ran to the exit but there was a problem that is where the walkers are coming from. Too many and it was consuming the school. They went the other way, getting to the other exit. But every corner, there is a walker. They continued running to the bloody hallway. But something unimaginable happened. Melissa got grabbed by a kid who was already infected. The kid has white eyes and has blood gushing from his neck where he got bitten. The kid now bit Melissa on the arm.

KC saw her in pain, screaming and screaming. She didn’t know what to do, her brain is scrambled but she quickly gathered her thoughts and saw and grabbed the fire extinguisher. KC hesitated at first but she bashed the fire extinguisher on the head of the kid several times until the head is not a head anymore but a flat surface.

“Thank you KC.” Melissa covering the wound as she was still tearing up from the pain. They didn’t notice that they were already surrounded. They were closing in on them like a wall trap from Indiana Jones.

“What are we going to do now?” KC confused and terrified.

“THERE!” Melissa pointed at the comfort room.

They quickly got in and locked the door for the walkers won’t have access. Melissa panics and cries because of their current situation, she still holding her arm with the pain she is going through. KC also panicking, thinks of a way for them to get out of there alive and in one piece. Then she sees the high window of the bathroom.

“There! Melissa, the high window”

“I’ll boost you up”

“No, you are hurt, you should go first.”

“You know, I am already bitten and I’ll slowly turn like them, so please.”

KC nodded and she followed the advice of Melissa. As she put her arms through the window, something grabbed her. KC screamed and struggled to let go of the hand. But it was just Jeremiah helping them.

` “Hey.” Jeremiah covered in blood, he tries to pull KC up. It was almost going to plan until the door was broken by the infected students and teachers. KC got through but Melissa didn’t. She was devoured, every part of her body was torn apart. She screamed and screamed until she didn’t anymore because blood was filling their lungs. KC terrified and shocked. She couldn’t move.

“KC, let’s go, they are coming”

KC wiped her tears. “I’m sorry Mel”

They ran through the field of the university while walkers chase them and they climbed the fence that was protecting the field from outsiders. Guess that didn’t help. They found a car. Jeremiah elbowed the window and to open the door. He hotwired the car.

“KC get in, we need to get out of here.”

KC thought “The day was going great. First day of my dreams coming true. And it is now nothing. I am nothing.” She got in and closed the broken windowed door. They drove away from the university to a long road.

This is the Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out.


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