Valentine’s Day (Special #1)

A beautiful day for showing your loved ones that you care about them and for couples out there or soon-to-be couples, pulling all the stops to show his/her partner that they love them with all their heart. Actually there are several ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day. One of is the obvious one, couples will have their dates and other romantic stuff like asking them out for the first time. Another is people who would just stare at their crush or something that will make them notice the person (Guilty, I am one of them). Another is spending the whole day as a bitter person who would frown because of the people that are lovey-dovey with one another. For them, it’s disgusting. For other people, is a way to spend the day with their family. Like I said, there are plenty of ways. It’s your choice in how you would spend this special day.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Kalizo, Over and Out!


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