The Pitstop (TWD: The Infection – Chapter 6)

       The family arrived at an inn. They stopped there to rest for a bit. It was a small inn where people usually go when they go to Wyoming. The family went inside and a familiar voice to Jack was heard.

“Jack, long time no see! What brings you to “The Flow”?” the man exclaimed.

“Ahh, Robby! How’s the wife and kids?” Jack asked.

They both patted each other at the back. Jack walked towards to his family and introduced Robby to them.

“Kids, this is Robert Williams. My old friend back when I was an army general.”

“This guy actually saved my life, pulling me from a burning building.” he replied happily.

“Now, he owns and manages this inn.”

Robert chuckled. “You kids hungry?”

Aiden and Jordan exclaimed happily. Kyle nodded slightly. Robert asked them to sit at the dining area which the servers will give them food and it was on the house.

As they sat there, seeing their food being delivered and assembled at their table. The adults talked about their jobs. While the kids watch TV.

“So Reese, how is the department going?” Jack asked.

“Going good Jack, the crime has gone down lately because of the faux virus, they keep talking about.” Reese discussed.

“I hear that is true. Most of my fellow secretaries had talked about that and they say it could go down.” Amber intervened.

“Yeah, the firm is buzzing with that news. I thought to myself it might be some joke that people spread.” Daphne didn’t believe in them.

“By the way, Daphne, what is the status of your recent project?” Amber asked.

“Well, the building is almost done but the architect who was working with us. Suddenly went AWOL. So it could take longer than anticipated.”

As they continue talking, Kyle, Aiden and Jordan watched a movie on the common TV that are displayed in every corner of the dining area. Halfway through the movie, it got cut off with a news flash. The people in the dining room stopped and watched it. It was a reporter and her cameraman that is in the scene. Blood was everywhere and before they knew it, the reporter and the cameraman died with blood flowing on the lens of the camera. 

The family looked at each other and looking horrified like they seen a ghost. After that horrifying news, screaming from the kitchen started to ring in their ears. Chefs running to the dining area. People scared but sat at their seats until a guy bites the neck of a chef that was running and blood gushes to the floor. And that is when people started to panic and began to stampede all over the inn. The family got separated. Aiden, Jack and Kyle were separated with the others.

“Mom? MOM!!!” Aiden screams for her mother while crying because of the situation.

“It is going to be okay son. Stay calm” Jack tries to calm Aiden down. As they looked for them, people are starting to get eaten left and right. Gunshots are now heard all around the inn. Robert was one of them along with his crew or bodyguards. Jack and the kids went to him. As Jack also had his gun on him, starts shooting as well.

“What the hell is going on Robby?” Jack shouted.

“The virus, it’s true. I couldn’t believe it at first but it is true.” he stopped Jack from shooting.

“What are you doing?”

“You and the kids should go, we will hold them off”

Jack was hesitant at first but he saw Robert was serious and said to him. “Goodbye, old friend”

“Goodbye”, As they left, Robert realized that there was no hope left, most of his men got eaten. He decided to shot himself to die a quick death.

Jack and the kids ran through the crowd, not knowing anymore if they are alive or dead or undead. Jack was running first beside him is Kyle. Aiden was falling back and tripped on an arm of a walker which grabbed him by the leg. Aiden started kicking and crying.

“HELP!! MOM!! GRANDPA!!” Aiden cried.

Kyle rose into action and grabbed the pistol from his grandfather and shot the walker on the head, splattering blood on Aiden’s face. Kyle started shooting everywhere as he went back to save Aiden. Jack grabbed a chair and waving it to the walkers for him to catch up. They got surrounded, they try to fend them off but there was too many. As they are losing hope, bullets started to go over their head. It was Daphne and Reese. They started to run to the exit. They went to the van where Amber and Jordan are waiting. Aiden went straight to his mother and hugged her.

“Aiden, are you okay? You are covered in blood.” Amber wiped off the tears and blood that he is covered in.

“We need to get out of here” Kyle initiated.

They started the van and left the inn. The family is horrified on what happened. Aiden and Jordan were sleeping like nothing happened. Even Amber and Daphne was exhausted and rested. Jack was looking at the window, thinking deeply. Kyle noticed and broke the silence.

“Grandpa, I am sorry for your loss, we could’ve saved him but he chose to stay.”

“Kyle, thank you. He chose for the greater good and always put others first and help them even the cost of your life. You should learn from that. Like what you did saving Aiden.”

“I will.”

“I admire your shooting today too.”

“Well I’ve done it in the past, I can do it again without hesitation.” Kyle had a cold expression on his face.

Reese and Jack looked at each other and knowing the situation of the teenager. Later, Jack switched with Reese and let Reese rest. Kyle was still thinking of the recent happenings and reflected on that. As he does, he fell asleep.

This is the Infection by Kalizo. Over and Out.


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