The Family (TWD: The Infection- Chapter 4)

The alarmed went off and Kyle woke up in a daze. From what he dreamed, he didn’t get much sleep. He stood and stretched his arms and legs.

“Yeah, yeah. I know, I know.” he grumpily answered.

He went into the shower and he thought “another family trip”. He got out and wore a shirt and pants and to top it all, his beanie. He picked up his bag and went down to greet his relatives.

“Hi Kyle. Nice of you to join us.” his aunt said.

Kyle gave her a smile. He inspected them and all of them are there. Starting with his grandfather named Jack who had two daughters. One of them was Kyle’s mother and the other is his aunt named Amber. Amber was married to Reese who had two boys, Jordan and Aiden. Kyle went to his cousins but they are busy playing their game consoles so he just sat there on the couch, listening to some music.

“Hey, Kyle. Help me with these will you?” his uncle asked.

He went over to his uncle and helped carry some of the bags and loaded them into the van. As soon as all the bags were loaded for their trip, they all got in the van. Reese is driving and on the other side is Jack. Daphne and Amber are seated at the middle part of the van. Lastly, the kids are at the back. As soon as Reese started the engine, Jack started complaining.

“Why am I not allowed to drive? Is it because I’m too old?” Jack exclaimed. 

“Dad, let him drive. You need your rest. Remember what the doctor said. No physical activities.” Amber argued.

Jack wasn’t satisfied with her argument but he calmed down and let Reese drive the van. They drove for hours, most of them are asleep and tired. Aiden and Jordan fell asleep because of all their playing. Jack was snoring loud, mouth open. Kyle was watching the cars and trees go passing by.

“Honey, are you okay? You’re staring at the road for hours.” Daphne asked.

“Yeah I’m fine Mom. How much further is Wyoming?” Kyle said.

“Couple of more hours and 2 more pit stops then that’s smooth sailing or should I say, driving.” he chuckled. Kyle sighed because of the joke that his uncle made. 

In a matter of hours they have arrived at their first pit stop which is a small diner in Tennesee. They all got out of the car and made their way to the diner so that they can have lunch. They took a seat.

“Howdy folks, may I take your order?” the waitress with red hair asked.

“We would like to know the specials.” Jack answered.

“Oh, we have steaks, chicken pot pies, caesar salads and peking duck!” she said.

“Chicken pot pie for me” Aiden smiled. Jordan also raised his hand saying that he wants chicken pot pie too.

 Reese, Jack and Kyle ordered the steak and the ladies ordered the peking duck and caesar salad. As the waitress wrote their order, Jack winked at her and the waitress smiled at her. Her daughters gave him a glare. He just chuckled. In a couple of minutes, the waitress brought their food and they have an amazing meal. Every bit of it was in their stomach. After that they paid, they got back to the van and drove.

While they were driving, Kyle was looking out the window and he saw a guy walking slowly in the fields. He was walking funny, it looks like he has a limp. He has a grayish skin tone even though he looks like he was in his thirties. Then the guy looked at Kyle, and by Kyle’s surprise, he has no jaw and his eyes were white. He was also bleeding through his jawless mouth. His shirt was ripped as well as his pants. Kyle thought he was dreaming for a second, then Kyle blinked and he was gone leaving Kyle confused and scared.

This is The Infection with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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