Dealing with Toxic People (Advice #6)

Toxic People are those who have bad influences, bad traits, negative thoughts, and plain bad Honestly, I had my fair share with these people. Some are ignorant at the fact. They influence the bad to the good. I had this friend who would judge anyone even though a person with amazing talent is in front of her. She would see the physical traits first. Like who does that? After plenty of insulting other people, I confronted her about the situation and she got mad at me. I guess some people don’t change.
I try not to be like that because I know that it would hurt people’s self esteem, feelings etc. Please people if you are like this, please refrain from doing so. And friends of those people, try talking to them about before you stay away from them because you never know that they might change for the better.
This is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out. 


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