Dream Come True (TWD: The Infection Chapter 1)

​A library is located in New York where there is a girl who is buying books for amusement. She is wearing a gray shirt with ripped blue jeans. She has dark brown hair, green eyes like a typical teenage girl. She is wearing glasses so that people would talk to her seriously. Her name was KC short for Katrina Cathleen. People usually teased that about her but it didn’t bother her. This is what she is thinking, why are people such a pain in the ass. After she gathered her thoughts, she called a cab to her apartment.

As she went inside the building, the bellboy greeted her. “How is your stay here in Mizuno Apartments?” the man asked her.

“It is quite lovely here. But I may be leaving soon” she answered.

“Why Miss? Uhhh . . . I forgot your name.” the employee said, sweating because of the awkwardness of the situation.

“It’s KC. Larry, you always forget my name!” she teased. “Anyways, I may go to college. I’m just waiting for the letters to be delivered.” she discussed.

“We’ll m-miss you here.” he smiled. He also was saddened because he will do miss here sincerely.

“Awww! Thanks Larry.” She hugs him. 

“Uhhh…” he blushes. “You better g-go to your room. I think those letters are in your apartment by now.” he suggested.

“Alright, see you around” she waved goodbye. She went inside the elevator and pressed the button indicating what floor she was in.

As she went out the elevator, she noticed Mrs. Hopkins. “Good Morning Ma’am” she greeted. Mrs. Hopkins gave her a nod and a wave, suggesting that she is busy at the moment.

She walked to the far end of the building until she was in her apartment. She opened the door and there it was, like Larry said. The letters on the floor, all 4 of them, just lying there waiting to be opened. She picked it up and opened one by one. She passed every school but she didn’t care for it because there is only one school for her. She saved that letter for last because all the others are back-up. She opened the last one.

  “Yes!! YESSSSS!!!!” she screamed loudly. She passed every university but only one was her goal. And that goal was achieved. She passed her dream school which was Yale University. All she cared about was passing that Yale entrance exam and it finally came true. She was all about Yale. Posters, Brochures, even books of the History of Yale University, she has them all. She quickly dialed her mother’s phone number.

“Hey, KC. What’s my daughter up to?” she greeted. 

“AAAAAAHHHHH…” she screamed joyfully. She couldn’t hold it in. She was so happy and it was a moment, she will never forget.

“Geez, KC. What are you screaming about? Are you getting murdered or something” she chuckled.

“No, Mom.” she answered sarcastically. “I have great news. I passed Yale!”

“Wow, KC. I am so proud of you. I can’t visit you though because of my job so there are plenty of kids to take care of.” 

“It’s okay Mom. I know you’re busy with your social service job. Just wanted to tell you the great news. I’ll just hop in the bus and go there as fast as I can so that nobody takes my slot.”

“Okay honey. Take care. I love you. Enjoy being a Med Student, my little baby girl.” 

“I love you too Mom.” she hangs up the phone. She ran to her closet and packed her clothes. “This is it. I’m going to Yale.”

She got out of the apartment and quickly ran to the door. “Wait, where are you going?” Larry asked. 

“This is it Larry. I’m going to my dream college. Take care of my apartment for me” she smiled and waved goodbye. She tosses him the key.


“What is it Larry?”

“Nevermind, take care KC.” He didn’t got to say what he had to say which is that he took a liking to her and wants to keep in touch. But I guess it is too late now.

She took a cab to the terminal and from there on her journey started. She got on the bus and was smiling. As from her thinking of what will happen, will she make friends? Can she make it as a college student? From all these thoughts, she fell asleep.

First chapter for the novel. I’ll try to upload chapters once a week so stay tuned 🙂  Kalizo here, Over and Out!


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