Bullet Practice (TWD: The Infection Chapter 2)

​Bullets were flying through the air, hitting the targets. Guns were blazing as gunpowder releases the bullets. A teenage boy aces the target practice that the instructor set up for him. His name was Kyle Dawson. He and his mom, Daphne, are training to protect themselves from danger because of the incident that happened.

“Good job Dawsons! Getting the hang of it.” the instructor said.

“Thank you Mr. Devlin. My son and I, appreciate your help.” Daphne claimed. 

“Oh, please call me Sam.” While they are talking, Kyle still keeps shooting the targets, hitting every single one. The anger that he keeps inside is growing and growing. All he thinks about is that incident, playing over and over in his head. There’s a voice that keeps shouting. “Kyle! KYLE!!” 

“Kyle, we have to go! Are you okay?” His mom feeling worried about him.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just thinking about what happened.”  he looks down, clenching his fists. He waved goodbye to Mr. Devlin and got in his mother’s car.

  Daphne sighs as she doesn’t know what to do with him. “It’s alright Daphne, you guys will get through this. He is a strong boy, he can take care of himself now.” Mr. Devlin comforting Daphne.

“I know Sam. But he changed.” she looks down, starting to tear up but doesn’t let it show. “We better get going now.” She left and waved goodbye to him.

She got in the car and inserted the key to start the engine. “Hey, ready to get going?” she smiled. Kyle responded by putting his headphones on and crossing his arms like he didn’t feel like talking. She stepped the pedal and she drove back to the house.

They arrived in their house and Kyle immediately went to his room. Leaving his mother, confused and worried. Kyle started to read a book that is titled “How to survive in the wild?”. It is about techniques on how to use various things as your weapons, etc. He hears a noise, footsteps going up the steps. There was a faint knock on the door.

“Hey, Kyle. Can I come in?” Daphne asked.

“Sure Mom.” he put the bookmark on the page he was currently at and looked as his mom as she came in. “What’s up?”

“Just reminding you about the trip for tomorrow with the whole family. Did you pack your things?”

“I know. A trip to Wyoming. And yes, I’ve already packed my things.” he responded.

“One more thing, please don’t be all emo on them” she chuckled.

Kyle is giving his mom a fake smile that would reduct the emo attitude. “Is this better?” he laughed.

“That’s my baby boy” she hugs him and kisses him goodnight.

“Goodnight Mom, Love you” he smiled.

“Goodnight Kyle, I love you too.” she closes the door.

Kyle quickly fell asleep. He was dreaming. He was hiding inside a closet. He was crying. He tries to peep to the blinds of the closet. He saw a guy holding a gun to his mom’s head. His mom screaming, “P-Please! N-No!” He tackled him and the guy fell down. Kyle grabs the gun and aims the gun at the guy’s head. His hands were trembling and getting all slippery because of the sweat. His finger was on the trigger. Then, Kyle woke up.

“Not this again.” 

This is The Walking Dead: The Infection Chapter 2 by Kalizo! Over and Out!


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