Loneliness (Advice #4)

Loneliness can lead to many things nad most of the people who experience this will feel depressed and unwanted by people. Even when you are in a crowd or in a group, you can still feel lonely. It doesn’t have to be literal but the thoughr of it will haunt you. 

For me, being lonely is when you have no one to talk to in a  deep sense or when you are experiencing difficult problems. Not having to talk something that has been there for days, weeks, months, years is heartbreaking. 

One solution is theraphy, getting to talk about your feelings and other things. Another solution is talking to your family about your problem because surely they are there for you. Also a solution is getting to talk to your closest friend or a person you are comfortable with. Bringing your walls down, making yourself vulnerable. How can you trust someone to keep your secrets to themselves?

Here is Advice with Kalizo. Over and out.


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