Crushes (Advice #2)

Crush is an admiration to someone you like. It can progress or might go away. It starts with making friends with them or seeing them from afar. People has crushes on friends, strangers, celebrities, even in the same sex. I’m going to talk about three things. Progression of crushes, Crushes on the same sex and Diminishing of crushes. 

Progressing crushes meaning that you want your crush to the next level. Confessing to him/her might get it to the next level. Letting them know what you feel that you like/love them. This might lead to acceptance or rejection. This also might bring you both closer even if he/she rejects you. Or worst case scenario, he/she will be distant to you or being a jerk to you. This proves that he/she is not worth it.

Crushes on the same sex. You can’t help it. Your feelings for another person being a girl or a boy. You just know that you like this person and it gives you a feeling never felt before. That is alright. If you really like the persom show it. Society has accepted people from the LGBTQ but some cultures still doesn’t accept them. This topic is for another time. Now, let us continue.

Crushes that diminishes. With your friendship developed, you can’t help but to see how close you have become and you want to confess, only for him/her to say “I don’t feel the same way” Yes, it hurts but that’s alright. You don’t have to leave or be distant because it would hurt the both of you but form a stronger relationship through friendship. That will last a lifetime.

Here is Advice with Kalizo. Over and Out.


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